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Green Basil-A FRESH Vietnamese Restaurant With the Best Pho and Bun Around

Phone:  (630) 922-7700 Address: 43 E Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540 Menu Order:,, Hours: Tue-Mon 11:00-9:00, Sun 11:00-8:00, Closed on Mondays $$ Green Basil is a hidden gem in Naperville. Nestled behind Quigley's, it's easy to miss, but once you find it, you'll go back again and again.  For those familiar with Vietnamese food, this is one of the best in the Chicago-land area. But if you are new to Vietnamese and Pho, this is an excellent place to start. The staff is super friendly and can recommend dishes that will be a hit for any palate. One of the noticeable differences with Vietnamese food is the freshness. They let the herbs, vegetables, and meats provide the fresh flavor. The restaurant itself is in an older Naperville building with plenty of light and a cozy atmosphere. It's a great restaurant choice for any occasion. Our Favorite Things to Order: TEA:  Super fresh and served with a hint of Jasmine. 103

Aloha Poke

Address: 215 S. WASHINGTON STREET PHONE: 630-857-9090 HOURS  Daily: 10AM - 10PM Website / Menu $$ One of the newer restaurants in Downtown Naperville is Aloha Poke. Every time I walked by the restaurant on Washington when it was being built, I wondered what Poke (it’s pronounced “POH-keh”) was. Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. It’s a new kind of sushi but easier to eat. I love sushi, so I anticipated that I would love poke, too.  When walking into the restaurant, you see a big menu that takes you through five steps: Size - Little, Big or Kahuna Base - White rice, brown rice or greens Poke - Ahi tuna, salmon, tofu, chicken or shrimp Ingredients - Pick their suggested recipes of Aloha, Crunch or Volcano or choose any of their available ingredients Sauces - Pick their suggested sauces forAloha, Crunch or Vo

La Sorella di Francesca - Where simple food with quality ingredients & friendly service make a great meal

Address: 18 W. Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540  Phone: 630-961-2706 Website HOURS Sunday - Thursday - 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM Friday & Saturday - 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM   $$ La Sorella di Francesca is located in the middle of Downtown Naperville on Jefferson Ave. One notices the restaurant as you walk by the big windows. The restaurant was founded in 1992 by Scott Harris as a small Italian restaurant on Chicago’s North Clark Street. It has grown to Francesca’s Restaurant Group of six concepts with 27 locations across three states. Two friends and I had the pleasure of dining at La Sorella on a Friday night for a girl's night out. We made reservations which I would recommend on a busy night. The food and service were excellent. It has an upscale but casual sophisticated ambiance. The menu features pasta, pizza, and other classic Italian plates. We tried a variety of items: Salmone Alla Fresca, Pollo Pagliacci and a special chicken pasta dish with the hou

FAST FOOD OPTIONS IN DOWNTOWN NAPERVILLE: Sometimes even “Foodies” need fast food.

Downtown Naperville has lots of locally-owned restaurants that we have reviewed. It also has lots of chain fast-food restaurants. And as much as we love our locally owned favorites... sometimes even “Foodies” need fast food. Burger King Address: 506 South Washington St Phone: (630) 717-1261 DRIVE-THRU HOURS: 6:00 am - 12:00 am RESTAURANT HOURS: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm $ Every day, more than 11 million guests visit over 13,000 Burger King in 97 countries around the world. And they do so because our fast food restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great-tasting and affordable food. It’s the original HOME OF THE WHOPPER! This location has been an icon in Naperville for over 50 years. Chipotle Address: 22 E Chicago Ave Ste 103 Phone:630-718-9420 HOURS: Mon - Fri: 10:45AM - 10:00PM Sat: 10:45AM - 10:00PM Sun: 10:45AM - 10:00PM $ Everyone craves different foods sometimes. I crave Chipotle! The fresh made to order bowls, burritos and tacos hit the spot. Chipotle is committed t

Le Pain Quotidien--Unfortunately this Restaurant is now Closed

Address: 204S Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540 Phone: 331-215-5789 Website | Menu HOURS: This restaurant is now CLOSED $$ Although Le Pain Quotidien is located in Naperville on South Washington Street, I felt like I was walking into a small cafe in Europe. Alain Coumont, the founder, inherited his love of baking from his family in Leige, Belgium. He brought this art to Naperville. Le Pain Quotidien means the daily bread in Dutch. They serve breakfast, lunch or dinner - or you can visit the bakery counter to take home organic, homemade bread and artisanal pastries. The restaurant draws inspiration from Moser Tower’s Millennium Carillon, lending features like reclaimed Belgian bells to the design of the space and our outdoor patio seating features sculptures from a local artist. The menu consists of good food, made from quality ingredients. On our visit, my daughter and I were greeted by the friendly staff, quickly seated and given our coffee and cappuccino. Coffee w


Phone:  (630) 470-9441 19 N Washington St, Naperville IL 60540 Website  &  Menu Hours:  Sun-Thurs 11am–11pm, Fri-Sat 11am–1am $$ Fiammé is definitely a must-visit restaurant for any foodie, especially ones who like authentic Italian food and appreciate original wood-fire baked Neapolitan-style pizza.  The staff prides itself on creating unique dishes that are a combination of flavor, passion, culture, and art. Pizza's origins can be traced to Naples, Italy, and that classic authentic style of pizza is known as Neapolitan. Fiammé does a fine job bringing a taste of Naples to Naperville. In addition to great Neopolitan-style pizza, there is also a terrific charcuterie menu, full entrees, salads and unique mouth-watering desserts. You Have to Try Fiammé creates its own in-house infused oils. These oils can be used to drizzle over your pizza or with bread. Ingredients are added to the oils which are then heated to 190 degrees. The ingredients then "rest" in