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64 Wine Bar--64 Wines by the Glass Every Day, Plus Regional Craft Beers and Cuisine!

64 Wine Bar Address:  123 Water St. Naperville IL Phone:  630-780-6464 Website & Menu : Hours:  Opens At 11:00am $$ 64 Wine Bar is great for a date night or gathering with friends. Located in the new Water District area of downtown Naperville, this restaurant features 64 wines by the glass every day. Wines are served via their automated wine tasting dispensers called "WineStations." You can choose a 1, 3 or 6 oz pour of a variety of wines.  The food is also delicious and pairs well with the wines.  We recommend the charcuterie tray and also loved crispy Brussel sprouts. Weekly Specials MONDAY & TUESDAY 15% off our WineStations ALL DAY. HAPPY HOUR MONDAY - THURSDAY 4-6 every Monday - Thursday for Happy Hour! Some favorite dishes are HALF OFF (Food only) Q&A How does it work? How do you taste wine at your Wine Bar? There are  64 Wines by the Glass Every Day in our WineStations! You can choose from three tasting sizes - 1 oz., 3 oz. or 6 oz. pou

Molly's Cupcake--The award winning shop finally comes to Naperville!

Molly's Cupcake 30 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540 Website & Menu Molly's Cupcake, yes that  Molly's cupcake--the Cupcake Wars TV show winning , the I'll drive into Chicago just to go to this shop , the delicious beyond belief cupcake making phenomenon  has finally set up shop in Naperville. If you've not yet tried Molly's Cupcakes you're in for a treat. The inspiration behind the name Molly's Cupcakes comes from Miss Molly, who was Johnny,  the "Chief Egg Cracker's 3rd grade teacher.  Johnny says about Miss Molly, "Whenever one of us had a birthday, she would bake us cupcakes. I still remember how good they were. She had her own special recipe for chocolate and vanilla. Just about everyone who tries them thinks they're the best cupcakes ever." Guest Blogger Naperville Teacher Heather Howiler In addition to the mission of making the best cupcakes in the world, Molly's seeks to honor Miss Molly by dona

10 Best Ethnic Food Restaurants in Downtown Naperville

We have a varied taste with an appreciation for foods from different cultures. After study-abroads, various trips through Europe and living 5 years in Japan, we developed an appreciation for foods from many cultures. We love going to restaurants with atmosphere and flavors that transport us to another time and place. The list below is our top spots for Ethnic Food in Downtown Naperville so far. Feel free to add your suggestions. 10. Green Basil     Vietnamese  Basil's authentic Vietnamese cuisine is delicious. This quaint restaurant is tucked away in east of Main Street with plenty of parking. The Pho Ga, chicken soup with bean sprouts and the Bun Bo Xao are favorites. This isn't the flashiest, but a great place to go for a nice lunch or dinner. Menu 9. Q-BBQ Southern-Style BBQ BBQ may be stretching the "ethnic food" category, but authentic southern style BBQ isn't always easy to find in the Chicago-land area. This spot features Memphis, Texas and Sou

MidiCI--This Restaurant is now CLOSED.

MidiCi--This Restaurant is now closed. 35 Water St suite 101, Naperville, IL 60540 (630) 445-8054 In the debate between which style of pizza--Chicago or New York--is the best, our answer is neither. We love Italian and European style pizza that is cooked in a brick oven with Italian-style crust and toppings. MidiCi, a new restaurant located in the Water District, serves up that style of pizza, a delicious salad and Gelato and Nutella desserts.  They also serve a variety of small plates and Calzones, but with pizza this good, it's hard to even think about trying anything else on the menu. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Downtown Naperville that we'll want to visit time and time again. Visit their website and menu Salads The House Salad  There were several great looking salads on the menu, but we chose (and loved) the house salad. It is made from seasonal greens, baby arugula, grape tomatoes and parmiagiano-reggiano cheese. The dressing was drizzled aro

Meson Sabika--What to Order at Our Favorite Restaurant

Meson Sabika is one of our favorite restaurants (period.) We love the food, the service, the Sangrias and the setting. Over the years we've had many awesome meals here with friends and family. You need to make a reservation well in advance for this one though. Visit their  Website  &  Menu After much experimenting and countless trips, here is a list of our top 10 favorite plates. This is a ranked list of our favorite plates, but the style of this restaurant is to order a few at a time and see how far you get. So we typically start with some of the lighter plates (olives, cheese, shrimp, etc) and work our way to the heavier plates until we're full. Top 10 Favorite Plates 1. Aceitunas Alinadas--Spanish Olives  You'll get a free sampler of these, but you'll want more. 2. Tostada con Centollo --Alaskan king crab toast points topped with avocado 3. Pipiranna de Buey- -Skirt steak, sautéed onions, and potatoes in a blue cheese sauce 4. Gamas a la Plancha

Egg Harbor Café

Egg Harbor Café One of the best breakfast, brunch and lunch spots in Downtown Naperville is the Egg Harbor Café.  The food is fresh and delicious and sourced locally. They are open from 6:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. daily. Egg Harbor Café was founded in December 1985 in Hinsdale, IL and has grown to over 20 locations. The Naperville location is a favorite for many. Be aware that there is typically a 20-30 minute wait on Saturday, but they give you a beeper and you can visit a nearby store or go see the riverwalk while you wait . Breakfast Egg Harbor consistently updates its menu with seasonal and specialty food and drinks. One of the favorites for example in the fall is their famous pumpkin pancakes. Our two favorite things on our visit were the biscuits and gravy (which you can't always find at local restaurants,) and the eggs, which were fresh with golden yellow yolks. Coffee and Specialty Drinks The coffee is fresh and the seasonal drinks are a delightful surprise.