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Naperville Foodies

Join us as we eat our way through all 68 restaurants in Downtown Naperville.  We'll share our favorite spots and food that makes each restaurant so great.
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Main & Luxe--A New Naperville-Focused Publication

Did you find your receive a copy of a terrific new Naperville-focused magazine-- Main and Luxe ? If not, be sure to check it out online.   This recently launched magazine, focuses on the special and unique aspects of Naperville. Main and Luxe is resident owned and developed and gives an in-depth behind-the-scenes view into all things Naperville. This month's issues explores the different passions, fascinations, enthusiasm and obsessions of found in Naperville. It also includes an article about NapervilleFoodies and our very own quest to eat at and review every restaurant in downtown Naperville.  It's a fun read and we wish Ashley South, CEO and her team and advisory board the very best as they work to share the stories that make Naperville great. 

Hizemans --Naperville's Elevated Sports Bar

Address:  218 S. WASHINGTON ST. Phone: (630) 362-6872 Website  |  Menu Hours    M-Th 11am-12am, F-S 11a, - 2am, Sun 11am-10pm $$ A new restaurant opened on Washington St. during the pandemic - Hizemans. They describe themselves as an elevated sports bar with the  biggest & best TVs in the area, giant wings, & great food. Walking in we were impressed with that atmosphere and friendly wait staff. We would recommend it as a great place to watch a game and hang out with friends.  Our server recommended the wings. They were not traditional wings, but giant wings (like fried chicken) with different sauces - Classic Buffalo • Tangy BBQ • Hizaki Teriyaki • Chili Garlic • Honey Sriracha • Gonzo Sauce (Togarashi.) Of course, we had to try this specialty. He ordered the wings with the classic buffalo, tangy bbq, and honey sriracha sauce. Make sure you have lots of napkins for this yummy, messy dish. We also tried the Hizeman Burger, Bad Goat Salad, and Funnel Fries for dessert. There is a

Gyu-Kaku: An Authentic Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Phone:  (630) 536-8270 47 E Chicago Ave #108, Naperville, IL 60540 Website $$$ Gyu Kaku is a terrific new Japanese BBQ "Yakiniku" restaurant in Downtown Naperville that we are very excited about! While Naperville has its fair share of Japanese-style restaurants, this is the first traditional Japanese Yakiniku restaurant to open in this area. If you think you know Japanese, you're in for a nice surprise in this authentic Japanese Yakiniku BBQ restaurant. We lived in Japan for 5 years and love all types of Japanese food, but a lot of Japanese restaurants in the states serve a Western version of Sushi or are a Hibachi steakhouse where a chef provides a meal and gives a performance. We enjoy both of these, but we're especially excited to see Gyu Kaku open in Downtown Naperville because it offers a more authentic version of a traditional Japanese BBQ Yakiniku restaurant. What is Japanese BBQ--Hibachi or Yakiniku HIBACHI Restaurants:  Most American's th

Le Chocolat de Bouchard, a Piece of Paris in Naperville

Website Hours: Sunday: 12-8pm Monday: Closed Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-10pm Friday: 11am-11pm Saturday: 10am-11pm If you like fresh cakes and pastries, lattes and mochas, French entrees and lots of chocolate, Le Chocolat is the perfect place for you. The cozy environment makes you feel welcomed and relaxed. Even during COVID-19, there are outdoor dining options available so you can enjoy a taste of Paris 4,000 miles away in Naperville. Although we only sampled some of their best desserts, they also have a French Bistro seating area with a  French-American style menu   with lunch and dinner options Tuesday-Sunday. As we enter phase four, that indoor area will soon reopen as well, once their current flooring project is completed. What we ate: Banana Nutella Crepe I am a big Nutella and banana fan, so I was excited to put them together in a crepe. It was sweet and delicious. It reminded me of a crepe restaurant I have been to in New York City in the Plaza Hotel.

Great Options for Outdoor Dining in Downtown Naperville--Potter's Place

 Potter's Place This is the perfect season to enjoy some great outdoor dining at Naperville's downtown restaurants. Many restaurants, with outdoor seating options, are starting to re-open. Here is a list of the current restaurants that are open. While the pandemic has brought disruption to many parts of our lives, it has also brought an appreciation for the simple things we took for granted. We really appreciate the restaurants and all of the staff who support this industry, and so we were especially glad to be able to return to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants-- Potter's Place (see full review here.) We Recommend: This trip we tried the Volcano Nachos, which were some of the best nachos we've eaten. The ingredients are mixed and brought to the table in a metal can that is then mixed and emptied onto a platter. The sauce, cheese, fresh chips and other ingredients, blend to form a perfect combination of spice and crunch. 3 Pro-Tips: 1. Potters is a

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed--A Foodie's Guide to Growing Your Own Delicious Vegetables!

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed We may be in the middle of stay-at-home-quarantine with questions about when we'll be able to go to our favorite restaurants again, but the quarantine may just be the perfect inspiration to build your own raised garden bed because there is really nothing better than fresh homegrown vegetables! Last summer we replaced a backyard playground with three 4' x 12' raised bed gardens and had more fresh vegetables, herbs, and homemade salsa than we knew what to do with. With a little prep and planning a raised-bed garden can be a nice diversion that yields great food for several summers. 

SEOUL TACO--A New Korean/Mexican Fusion Restaurant in Downtown Naperville

Phone:  (331) 401-5105 Address:  206 S Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540 Menu $ One of Downtown Naperville's newest restaurants is Seoul Taco, a Korean and Mexican fusion restaurant located on the corner of Jefferson and Main Street at 206 S. Soeul Taco began as a food truck in the St. Louis area and has now expanded to several restaurants in St. Louis and the Chicago area. This restaurant adds a Korean twist to the traditional Mexican style tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos. Guests can pick their protein (steak, chicken, spicy pork or tofu) for a variety of dishes that are served with Korean spices and favors.  Our Favorite Things to Order: We enjoyed the Korean Burritos, Steak Tacos, Nachos and had a side of Kimchi. Everything was good, but the favorite dish was the nachos. The nachos were served with steak and cheese over traditional tortilla chips with sesame, Korean spices and a side of Kimchi. Naperville Foodie Pointers: PARKING: This restaurant is lo