Aloha Poke

PHONE: 630-857-9090
Daily: 10AM - 10PM

One of the newer restaurants in Downtown Naperville is Aloha Poke. Every time I walked by the restaurant on Washington when it was being built, I wondered what Poke (it’s pronounced “POH-keh”) was. Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. It’s a new kind of sushi but easier to eat. I love sushi, so I anticipated that I would love poke, too. 

When walking into the restaurant, you see a big menu that takes you through five steps:
  • Size - Little, Big or Kahuna
  • Base - White rice, brown rice or greens
  • Poke - Ahi tuna, salmon, tofu, chicken or shrimp
  • Ingredients - Pick their suggested recipes of Aloha, Crunch or Volcano or choose any of their available ingredients
  • Sauces - Pick their suggested sauces forAloha, Crunch or Volcano or choose your own.
Here is what we choose and what we thought about it:
  • Big, white rice, shrimp, crunch - “Delicious, easy to eat, the big was more than I could eat & I’d leave off the spicy mayo next time.”
  • Big, white rice, salmon, aloha - “I really enjoyed it, it’s a preferred taste, it’s like sushi but with more vegetables, and it’s really fresh.”
  • Big, white rice, shrimp  - "The shrimp and rice were good, but I prefer Sushi."

Two out of the three of us would recommend Aloha Poke. If you like sushi or Hawaiian food, you will like it. Stick with what you like the first time and then you can slowly try other ingredients. It’s great that we have new trendy food in Downtown Naperville.

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