Green Basil-A FRESH Vietnamese Restaurant With the Best Pho and Bun Around

Phone: (630) 922-7700
Address: 43 E Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540
Hours: Tue-Mon 11:00-9:00, Sun 11:00-8:00, Closed on Mondays
Green Basil is a hidden gem in Naperville. Nestled behind Quigley's, it's easy to miss, but once you find it, you'll go back again and again.  For those familiar with Vietnamese food, this is one of the best in the Chicago-land area. But if you are new to Vietnamese and Pho, this is an excellent place to start. The staff is super friendly and can recommend dishes that will be a hit for any palate.

One of the noticeable differences with Vietnamese food is the freshness. They let the herbs, vegetables, and meats provide the fresh flavor. The restaurant itself is in an older Naperville building with plenty of light and a cozy atmosphere. It's a great restaurant choice for any occasion.

Our Favorite Things to Order:
TEA: Super fresh and served with a hint of Jasmine.
103 CHA GIO GRISPHO EGG ROLL: Wrapped in a translucent shell, the shrimp, noodles, and herbs are really tasty. It comes with a side of their homemade peanut sauce (other options available if there are allergies.)
107 GOI THIT BO: Grilled filet mignon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, fresh mint and basil.
505 TOM RAM MAN: Jumbo shrimp with garlic scallions, onions, chili sauce, basil and fresh veggies.

There are lots of other great options. One of the things that made our first trip great was that our waitress, Hong, listened to the kinds of food we liked then helped us pick out these three great dishes. 

Naperville Foodie Pointers:
PARKING: Parking is limited, so its easiest to just park in the garage behind Barnes and Noble. The restaurant is just across from the back parking lot.
ALLERGY OPTIONS: Lots of Gluten-free options as well as choices for folks with other food allergies.
HOW TO SAVE $$: This restaurant isn't too pricey, especially for the quality and amount of food you get, but there are mother's day and father's day promotions. Additionally, it's a great restaurant to share plates. We ordered two entrees and appetizer and had more than enough.

Even More Foodie Info: 

  • This is truly and unique restaurant in downtown Naperville. The owner/chef originated in Vietnam and has lived in the states for the past 20 years. He is committed to providing the best fresh and authentic plates from his home country. 
  • Green Basil just celebrated its 7th year in the Naperville location and over the past several years has been able to add more to the menu as it becomes easier to source Vietnamese spices and herbs in the states.
  • And finally, we learned that a distinct ingredient of Vietnamese food is basil. However, it's a slightly different variety--one that comes with a purple stem. So look out for it as you enjoy this restaurant, and decide for yourself whether "Green Basil" or "Purple-stemmed Basil" would be a better name for this great restaurant. :-)

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