SEOUL TACO--A New Korean/Mexican Fusion Restaurant in Downtown Naperville

Phone: (331) 401-5105
Address: 206 S Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540
One of Downtown Naperville's newest restaurants is Seoul Taco, a Korean and Mexican fusion restaurant located on the corner of Jefferson and Main Street at 206 S. Soeul Taco began as a food truck in the St. Louis area and has now expanded to several restaurants in St. Louis and the Chicago area.

This restaurant adds a Korean twist to the traditional Mexican style tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos. Guests can pick their protein (steak, chicken, spicy pork or tofu) for a variety of dishes that are served with Korean spices and favors. 

Our Favorite Things to Order:
We enjoyed the Korean Burritos, Steak Tacos, Nachos and had a side of Kimchi. Everything was good, but the favorite dish was the nachos. The nachos were served with steak and cheese over traditional tortilla chips with sesame, Korean spices and a side of Kimchi.

Naperville Foodie Pointers:
PARKING: This restaurant is located just up the street from Barnes and Noble. There are plenty of parking options, but the closest would be to enter the free parking garage off Jefferson.

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