Great Options for Outdoor Dining in Downtown Naperville--Potter's Place

 Potter's Place
This is the perfect season to enjoy some great outdoor dining at Naperville's downtown restaurants. Many restaurants, with outdoor seating options, are starting to re-open.

Here is a list of the current restaurants that are open.

While the pandemic has brought disruption to many parts of our lives, it has also brought an appreciation for the simple things we took for granted. We really appreciate the restaurants and all of the staff who support this industry, and so we were especially glad to be able to return to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants--Potter's Place (see full review here.)

We Recommend:
This trip we tried the Volcano Nachos, which were some of the best nachos we've eaten. The ingredients are mixed and brought to the table in a metal can that is then mixed and emptied onto a platter. The sauce, cheese, fresh chips and other ingredients, blend to form a perfect combination of spice and crunch.

3 Pro-Tips:

1. Potters is a great place to anytime of day. All of the tables have umbrellas to keep the sun away, so it's a great place to stop for a margarita and chips and salsa or or their menu offers a full range of Mexican favorites.

2. Be sure to bring your face mask. Potter's fully adheres to CDC safety guidance and requires a face mask for entry.

3. Parking is easy. Don't try to park on Jefferson. Park behind the restaurant and if that is full, you still have easy access to a free parking garage.

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