Meson Sabika--What to Order at Our Favorite Restaurant

Meson Sabika is one of our favorite restaurants (period.) We love the food, the service, the Sangrias and the setting. Over the years we've had many awesome meals here with friends and family. You need to make a reservation well in advance for this one though.

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After much experimenting and countless trips, here is a list of our top 10 favorite plates.
This is a ranked list of our favorite plates, but the style of this restaurant is to order a few at a time and see how far you get. So we typically start with some of the lighter plates (olives, cheese, shrimp, etc) and work our way to the heavier plates until we're full.
Top 10 Favorite Plates
1. Aceitunas Alinadas--Spanish Olives You'll get a free sampler of these, but you'll want more.
2. Tostada con Centollo--Alaskan king crab toast points topped with avocado
3. Pipiranna de Buey--Skirt steak, sautéed onions, and potatoes in a blue cheese sauce
4. Gamas a la Plancha--Grilled tiger shrimp in an awesome garlic butter sauce
5. Pincho de Solomillo--Grilled skewer of beef tenderloin rolled in cracked black pepper and onion
6. Quesos Espanoles--Spanish cheeses with caramelized cranberries, apricots and tomatoes
7. Queso de Cabra--Oven-baked goat cheese in tomato basil sauce, with garlic bread
8. Champinoones Rellenos--Mushroom caps filled with spinach and cheese in tomato basil sauce
9. Vieras Albarino--Grilled sea scallops  over cous cous with garlic butter
10. Datiles con Tocino--Roasted dates wrapped in bacon, served with red bell pepper sauce

Drinks: Pitcher of Peach and/or Red Sangria
Dessert (If there is room) Chocolate Mouse
To-go: Take home a pound of olives. They are good for days!

Price: The price can vary based on how much you eat. Plates begin at around $6 and go up from there. 


  • This is a restaurant in an old converted mansion, so each room is different. Sometimes you are escorted to what was probably a large second floor master bedroom or an old dining room. 
  • In the summer, when the weather is nice, it's definitely cool to eat outdoors.
  • Almost every time we go, there is also a wedding taking place on the property. We often walk by and watch people toast the bride and groom or sometimes, I think we might be accidentally photo-bombing wedding pictures. 

Service:  The service is slow by design. Don't go here expecting to be in and out in half an hour. Food comes to the table when and in the order that its ready.
Peach Sangria
Crab Toast Points

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