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10 Best Ethnic Food Restaurants in Downtown Naperville

We have a varied taste with an appreciation for foods from different cultures. After study-abroads, various trips through Europe and living 5 years in Japan, we developed an appreciation for foods from many cultures. We love going to restaurants with atmosphere and flavors that transport us to another time and place.

The list below is our top spots for Ethnic Food in Downtown Naperville so far. Feel free to add your suggestions.

10. Green Basil    
Image result for green basil napervilleBasil's authentic Vietnamese cuisine is delicious. This quaint restaurant is tucked away in east of Main Street with plenty of parking. The Pho Ga, chicken soup with bean sprouts and the Bun Bo Xao are favorites. This isn't the flashiest, but a great place to go for a nice lunch or dinner.

9. Q-BBQ
Southern-Style BBQ
Image result for q bbq in napervilleBBQ may be stretching the "ethnic food" category, but authentic southern style BBQ isn't always easy to find in the Chicago-land area. This spot features Memphis, Texas and South Carolina BBQ with it's made-from-scratch sauces and robust menu. It's a casual restaurant where you order at the counter and they bring the food to your table. The hush puppy's are super delicious and come with most plates. The grilled Brussel sprouts are one of the best things I've eaten in a while. Plenty of different flavors and meats to chose from. Definitely worth checking out.
Full Review  Menu

8. Front Street Cantina 
This made the list at the request of my San Antonio-raised wife. She loves Tex-Mex and this is the closest to reminding her of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants where she grew up. There are several Mexican restaurants in Downtown Naperville that we like, but Front Street Cantina made the list because of is plane and simple Tex-Mex food and atmosphere. The chips and salsa are great as are the cheesy enchiladas and fajitas (my favorite is shrimp.)  This is also a great place to go on work lunch break because they are usually pretty fast. Just order as soon as you sit down and by the time you finish the chips and salsa you will have your ready for you.
Full Review  Menu

7. La Sorella di Francesca 

Image result for la sorella di francesca naperville
 Sorella di Francesca is a classic Italian restaurant in Downtown Naperville. It features  cuisine of Rome and the surrounding areas of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. The restaurant encourages the lively art of dining with a contemporary, casually sophisticated trattoria ambiance, good, rustic cooking, friendly service and fair prices.

6. Blue Sushi Sake Grill 
Modern Japanese
This one of Naperville's newest Japanese restaurants. It's has a fresh modern vibe with a robust menu with several types of sushi and roles as well as unusual appetizers. It's located next to the river, with indoor and outdoor seating. Japan is famous for taking aspects of various cultures and making it their own. This restaurant feels as though a part of Japanese traditional restaurants were recreated in a new and fresh setting. In addition to dinner lunch, be sure to try out their Happy Hour menu.

5. Nando’s 
A Portuguese from South African Restaurant
Nando's is one of our favorite restaurants when we want something quick and easy in a comfortable spot. Nando's originated in South Africa with Portuguese roots. Their chicken is marinated in PERi-PERi spice then grilled on an open flame. For much of the year, they also serve fresh corn on the cob and many other sides and dishes.  There chicken is always super moist, and you can choose different levels of heat or seasonings. Although Nando's is a part of a chain of restaurants, each restaurant looks different.  They all have a relaxed atmosphere, which reflects their Afro-Portuguese heritage with original South African art. They have friendly service and delicious food.

4. Quigley’s Irish Pub
If you don't have the time or cash to make a quick trip to Ireland. Just head over to Quigley's Irish Pub. The restaurant was brought to the US from Ireland and rebuilt in its current Naperville location. Whether you are eating fish and chips, a rueben or just enjoying an Irish Beer, you feel as though you are a part of something special. The live music adds to the atmosphere and makes the entire outing enjoyable.

3. Bavarian Lodge 
German Food
*OK... not technically in Downtown Naperville or even in Naperville, but it's close enough (Lisle, IL) that we're going to include it. Our college study abroad was in Vienna, Austria where we developed a love (for each other and) Wiener Schnitzel.  So we had to include this in the list. Bavarian lodge has full menu of German food, sausages and beer. The lodge atmosphere feels like you are in Germany. You'll leave happy and full with a take-out box for lunch the next day. There are many great options, but be sure to try the schnitzel.

2. MidiCi
Italian: The Neapolitan Pizza Company

In the battle between Chicago and NY style pizza, our preference is always neither. We love European-style pizza that is cooked over a fire. MidiCi is the closest we've found to that type of pizza. The atmosphere is a non- pretentious modern casual style.   It has outdoor seating with plenty of umbrellas. MidiCi is one of our favorite restaurants in Downtown Naperville. The crust is awesome and the salads and desserts (including Gelato and Nutella Calzones!)

1. Meson Sabika  
Spanish Tapas
Topping the list is one of our favorite restaurants. This beautiful restaurant is housed in an old mansion. We often walk past weddings on our way to our table (which might be outside or upstairs in what could have been an old master suite when the mansion was a house.) The Spanish tapas are awesome and the Sangrias are even better. Please check our full review to see our favorite dishes


  1. Mason sabika is my all time favorite!

  2. Certainly an informative post! I appreciate your efforts! Apart from Nando’s, could you suggest some top-rated restaurants in Porto? I am a big fan of Portugal cuisines!

  3. Great place to visit if you enjoy being in the mix of Naperville's Snobs.

  4. The restaurant at Tate Modern, the food is wonderful and the service is very good.



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