UMAI AJI YA -- A New Japanese Ramen Restaurant Coming Soon to Naperville!

LOCATION: 760 N IL--59 Suite 112, Naperville IL 60563 (corner of Rt. 59 and North Aurora)
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Coming Soon! Watch for the grand opening later this summer!

At last count there are 19 Japanese Restaurants in Naperville! Whether it be hitting up a new Japanese restaurant or opening a bag of edamame, American's love of Japanese food continues to grow.  And while many of the local Japanese restaurants specialize in Sushi or Hibachi, one of the most popular types of Japanese restaurants--a traditional Ramen Shop--is still missing.  However, all that will change later this summer when Umai Ajiya (Simply Fresh) opens it's doors in Naperville.

Last week Naperville foodies joined other bloggers, you-tubers and media for sneak peek at one of Naperville's exciting new restaurants. We enjoyed sampling some of their upcoming specialties and cannot wait for the grand opening near the end of June!

About Umai Ajiya
UMAI AJIYA  will specialize in Ramens and Kabobs.
FRESH Their food will be locally sourced and fresh.
LOCATION Their under construction location is on the corner of Rt. 59 and North Aurora (near Texas Roadhouse and CVS.)

What is Ramen?
POPULARITY Right after sushi, Ramen is one of the most popular types of Japanese food.
A RAMEN SHOP is a restaurant that specializes in ramen dishes, the wheat-flour Japanese noodles in broth. In Japan, ramen shops are very common and popular, and are sometimes referred to as ramen-ya (ラーメン屋) restaurants.
OVER 10,000 ramen shops exist in Japan. In recent times, ramen shops have opened in some cities in the US, such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles...and now NAPERVILLE.
Delicious Beef Kabob
Pork Ramen

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