The Best Thing to Eat at Giordano's of Naperville

When you have friends from out-of-town, it's always fun to make a stop at a traditional Chicago-style Pizza place, and the Giordano's in Downtown Naperville is the perfect spot. Three of our daughter's friends made the 12 hour drive from their homes in Texas and Oklahoma to Naperville so we took a brisk walk to Giordano's. We tried three different pizzas and two salads and after an official vote, we can rank the best Chicago-style pizza and salad to have with out-of-town college students.


The Wedge Salad
House Salad
Tie: We tried two salads and the vote was a tie for the best. (But since I write the review, I'll say that the wedge salad was the best.)
1) Wedge Salad: This is not your traditional 1/4 head of lettuce wedge. It's spears of lettuce with fresh bacon bits and onion shallots. The ranch dressing isn't too over-powering and compliments the ingredients.
2) House Salad: An assortment of lettuce types, including arugula, which I like. The fennel and cheese also add texture and flavor. The Italian dressing is light and tasty.

We tried three 1) Meat-lovers deep dish, 2) Spinach deep dish and 3) Sausage and black olive thin crust. For years, my favorite has been the Spinach deep dish, but in a side-by-side comparison of all three, my vote went with the crowd.

And the winner is: Meat-lovers deep dish. Coming in 2nd was the Spinach deep dish followed by the thin crust sausage as a distant 3rd. All pizza's were delicious, but as one of the reviewers, Macy said, "There just isn't anything special about the thin crust."

So there you have it, when going to eat Chicago-style pizza, your best bet is a salad and the meat lovers deep dish.

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