64 Wine Bar--64 Wines by the Glass Every Day, Plus Regional Craft Beers and Cuisine!

64 Wine Bar
Address:  123 Water St. Naperville IL
Phone:  630-780-6464
Website & Menu :
Hours:  Opens At 11:00am

64 Wine Bar is great for a date night or gathering with friends. Located in the new Water District area of downtown Naperville, this restaurant features 64 wines by the glass every day. Wines are served via their automated wine tasting dispensers called "WineStations." You can choose a 1, 3 or 6 oz pour of a variety of wines.  The food is also delicious and pairs well with the wines.  We recommend the charcuterie tray and also loved crispy Brussel sprouts.

Weekly Specials
15% off our WineStations ALL DAY.

4-6 every Monday - Thursday for Happy Hour! Some favorite dishes are HALF OFF (Food only)

How does it work? How do you taste wine at your Wine Bar?
There are  64 Wines by the Glass Every Day in our WineStations! You can choose from three tasting sizes - 1 oz., 3 oz. or 6 oz. pour. When you are seated you'll be given a  SmartCard which gives you access to the WineStations. You simply insert the card into the slot, grab a glass and put it underneath the wine of your choice, and press your tasting size! The WineStation will dispense the wine for you.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
We have open seating during the day, but during the evenings, especially on Friday and Saturday, it's highly recommended to make a reservation.

Q: What were the best things your ordered?
Of course the wines were terrific and there were so many chose from that it's hard to narrow to one!

Five Favorite Cheeses: Manchego, Gruyere Grand Cru, White Cheddar, Laura Chenel, Driftless

Five Favorite Meats: Country Pate, All-Beef Summer Sausage, Prosciutto de Parma Roetondodo-Dolce, Applewood Smoked Boneless Hame Capocolla

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