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Ted's Montana Grill is one of those restaurants that we sometimes end up going to when we're looking for a great burger. They feature a variety of beef and bison burgers as well as fish and steaks. This is a chain restaurant and one of the two Illinois locations is in Naperville.

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What we ordered:
  • Bison Burger, Swiss and Mushroom Beef Burger, Trout
How was the food?
  • The beef burgers here are really outstanding. The bison is great, too, but don't have experience with other bison burgers to compare. I love the Mushroom and Swiss burger--which has great cheese and mushrooms as well as some sour cream.  The trout was also fresh and delicious. I also enjoyed their wedge salad.
  • When you are seated, you are presented with a free appetizer of pre-pickeled cucumbers.  
  • The price is decent for a good burger. 

  • The restaurant decor feels like you've been transported to the West. There is a giant Bison head on the wall. The seats are large comfortable booths that feel enclosed and private. They also make a point of being environmentally friendly and serve drinks with paper straws. (They've done this for years--even before plastic straws became a "no-no."
  • The service was just "OK." This restaurant has a lot of traffic and is a chain so it has less of a local/independent feel than other downtown restaurants. We called ahead for seating and to make a reservation, but were told there was no need as there wasn't a wait, but when we got there 10 minutes later, the wait was 30-40 minutes. We also seemed to have a hard time getting our waiter to come back and bring us things that had been requested. Every restaurant can have a bad night, but this was our experience when we went there. 
But still, when you are looking for a good beef burger, bison burger, steak or fish cooked in a Western US style, this is your place. 

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